Ship specifications

Dockyard SFCN at Villeneuve La Garenne
Architects Luc Bouvet and Olivier Petit
Former owners Jean-Louis Etienne and Sir Peter Blake
Flag French (French international registry)
Classification Bureau Veritas – 1 3/3 (E)
Length 36 metres
Width 10 metres
Draught 1.50 metres – 3.50 metres
Weight 120 tons
Hull Material Aluminium
Masts 2 – 27 metres each
Sail area 400 square metres
Propulsion 2 x 350 HP
Power 2 x 17 kW and 1 x 50 kW (Environmental Protection Agency II Standard)
Watermaker 300 litres/hour
Fuel tanks 40,000 litres
Water tank 6,000 litres
Soiled tank 7,000 litres
Number of berths 14
Autonomy 5,000 nautical miles - 3 kW windgenerator power system
Means of communication Eutelsat, Fleet Broad Band, Radio HF, Standard C
Meteorology Station Bathos II Météo France, thermo salinometer
Oceanography 3,000 m oceanographic winch capstan
Science Dedicated microscopy and IT, wet laboratory
Equipment Diving compressor and equipment for 4 persons, two semirigid 30 and 40 HP
Heating 150 mm polyurethane isolation, central heating
Garbage treatment 1 crusher and 1 compactor of garbage
Home port Lorient
Positions on board the Tara The team on board consists of 5 sailors, 2 scientists, 1 journalist and 1 artist