Black tip reef shark. Image: Global_Pics/iStock.

Thinking about sharks

05 Feb 2019

Neuroscientist Dr Richard Gates is fascinated by the relationship between a shark's brain function and their behaviour. So, what do we know about these apex animals?

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Shark attack in Sydney Harbour

30 Jul 2015

When Australian surfer Mick Fanning hit the news after surviving an attack by a Great White Shark during a surfing competition in South Africa, the incident reminded the Museum’s USA Programs Manager Richard Wood of a family tragedy involving a shark attack in Sydney Harbour.

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What is it about deep water?

23 Jun 2014

If you’re a swimmer, even though you know you’ll be fine, just the idea of being suspended above something tens, let alone thousands of metres dark and deep can cause that weird tingling combination of excitement and fear.

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Frank Beaurepaire: Shark Rescue Hero

22 Mar 2013

In a life that was packed with civic achievements and sporting glory, it was Sir Francis Beaurepaire’s role in a daring shark rescue in 1922 that, for a time, propelled him into the spotlight and captured the public’s imagination.

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Ron and Valerie Taylor and their quest to protect

12 Sep 2012

Three days ago, we lost one of the most highly regarded marine conservationists this country as ever produced – shark expert and underwater filmmaker Ron Taylor. Since the 1960s, Ron and his wife Valerie pioneered underwater photography and rigorously campaigned for marine conservation.

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