Explore the icy realms of the Arctic, Earth’s northernmost region.

"Mixing artists and scientists with a common objective – exploring and celebrating the Arctic – has the magical effect of amplifying the power of both."

Dr Sylvia Earle - Oceanographer

In 2015 a team of explorers, photographers and scientists sailed through the High Arctic of Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland to document their unique environments. Together they created Elysium Arctic, a series of artworks capturing the icons of the polar north – majestic icebergs and glaciers, playful wildlife and stunning views of land and sea. Elysium Arctic also records the devastating impact of climate change in the earth's northernmost regions.

Braving sub-zero temperatures, sea ice and some very curious polar bears, the Elysium team has produced a breathtaking visual journey through the Arctic. Join them on their journey as you wander through a stunning photographic installation in front of the museum's Wharf 7 building on the Darling Harbour foreshore – then pop into the main museum to learn more about the Arctic region with our 3D film Wonders of the Arctic

The Elysium projects are run by Michael Aw, internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer, explorer and conservationist. Michael believes that art can inspire people to take action against climate change and save some of the most vulnerable places on earth.

Main image: 'Harp Seal' by Jennifer Hayes

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