Sea monsters

Ocean Talks: T-Rex vs Sea-Rex

Don’t miss this rare chance to hear from renowned palaeontologists Dr Anne Musser & Dr Colin McHenry, who travel the world searching for evidence of prehistoric predators.

Thursday 6 February 2020
6.30 – 8.30pm

T-Rex vs Sea-Rex – who would win the ultimate battle of prehistoric predators? 

Millions of years ago, while dinosaurs ruled the land, fearsome marine reptiles hunted the oceans. But which were the scariest? Who had the biggest bite? And how do we know? Join us to be entertained and enlightened by expert palaeontologists Dr Anne Musser and Dr Colin McHenry, who'll reveal more about these ferocious predators, how we study them and what we’ve learnt. 

At the end of the evening, you'll be asked to cast your vote to choose who would be crowned 'Killer King of the Cretaceous'! (Either way, we’re lucky they’re extinct!)

Note: Ticket includes light refreshments and the opportunity view the Sea Monsters – Prehistoric Ocean Predators exhibition after hours (5-6pm).

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Dr Colin McHenry Dr Colin McHenry grew up on the ocean and has always been fascinated by marine biology. He decided to combine that with his childhood love of dinosaurs and was lucky enough to be able to study fossil marine reptiles at university. His PhD thesis looked at the ecology and feeding behaviours of the Australian marine reptile Kronosaurus, using a combination old school fossil preparation and new-fangled computational biomechanics analysis. This has led to a long history of arguing with T. rex and Utahraptor fans - oddly enough, his studies and past discussions on this topic will be very useful in debating who would win!
Dr Anne Musser Dr Anne Musser was born in New York and raised in Hawaii. Ann has been in Australia since 1991, and has a PhD in palaeontology from the University of New South Wales, on the evolution of Australian mammals with a focus on monotremes, platypuses, echidnas and their extinct relatives. Anne has worked with the Australian Museum for over 20 years, with projects including the Dinosaur Gallery, Surviving Australia and the Tyrannosaurs Exhibition Meet the Family. Anne is establishing palaeontology at Jenolan Caves, Australia's largest tourist cave system, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and some of the oldest caves in the world.
Michael Harvey Michael Harvey, Assistant Director, Public Engagement, Research and Collections is your evening's host.



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