Our volunteers are the beating heart of the museum.

They guide our visitors through the day, helping them greet adventure at every turn. They intrigue and delight, turning objects in our collection into stories that spark curiosity in us all. And they are the friendly face of a world-class and engaging visitor experience. We couldn’t do it without them.

"Best part's the helpful volunteers and the stories they told. It's also absolutely thrilling to be able to go into a real submarine and warship."

Visitor Jennifer - via Facebook

Anyone can volunteer at the museum, and we’re always on the lookout for new members of our crew. Whether you’re a maritime buff or just looking to be part of your community, we have a wide range of roles for people of all interests and backgrounds.

We’ll support you through an initial and ongoing training program that ensures you are a trusted and respected part of the museum community.

And you can enjoy the many benefits of volunteering, including free museum tickets, merchandise and invitations to museum events.

Volunteer Exhibition Officers wanted

We're seeking volunteer Exhibition Officers for our exciting new exhibition Sea Monsters. This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world. Exhibition officers welcome, assist and engage with visitors as they journey through the exhibition to discover ocean predators.
Interested? Want more? Apply! Email volsoffice@sea.museum

Sea Monsters - Mosasaurus chasing Great White Shark

Calling all ocean warriors! 

The museum is currently looking for volunteers to help deliver new programs in ocean health and sustainable development along our waterfront. The oceans need you, and so do we! Find out more - read about our work with the Seabin Project.
Interested? Contact volsoffice@sea.museum to express your interest. 

Sea Bin volunteer

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