On Sharks & Humanity 

Dec 11th, 2018 - June 2nd, 2019

Experience how art can be used to raise awareness of key contemporary issues. Internationally acclaimed curator Huang Du brings us On Sharks & Humanity - a thought-provoking contemporary art exhibition about shark protection featuring stunning indoor and outdoor works from some of China’s leading contemporary artists.

This bilingual exhibition, also features works by Australian Indigenous artists that explore sharks as totems and our relationship to them, alongside photographs and artefacts from leading ocean environmentalist Valerie Taylor, who with her late husband Ron Taylor, transformed themselves from spear fishers to shark protectors.

Relevant Subjects: Visual Arts, Science/STEM, Mandarin, English as a Second Language. 

English as a Second Language Programme
ESL Exhibition Highlights Tour – appropriate for Tertiary students or High Intermediate to Advanced private language college students.
Note: all exhibition content is in English and Mandarin (IELTS minimum 5+) 

NSW Curriculum Links 

  • Stage 6 Visual Arts: Preliminary Course – the role and function of artists, artworks, the world and audiences in the artworld and HSC Case Studies: a minimum of 5 case studies (4-10 hours) 
  • Stage 4 and 5 Science/STEM: Living World Environment - explore positive and negative changes to the environment as a result of human activity, eg fishing SCLS-20LW, assess ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' cultural practices and knowledge of the environment contribute to the conservation and management of sustainable ecosystems LW2 eg terrestrial and aquatic resource management ES4 (ACSHE121, ACSHE136), shows a willingness to engage in finding solutions to science-related personal, social and global issues, including shaping sustainable futures SC4-15LW, SC5-15LW, SC4-2VA, SC5-2VA


Australian Curriculum Links 

  • Year 5&6 Visual Arts: Explain how visual arts conventions communicate meaning by comparing artworks from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks ACAVAR117
  • Year 7&8 Visual Arts: Exploration of techniques used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, to represent a theme, concept or idea in their artwork ACAVAM118, Exploration of how artists use materials, techniques, technologies and processes ACAVAM119
  • Year 9&10 Visual Arts: draw on artworks from a range of cultures, times and locations as they experience visual arts, explore the influences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and those of the Asia region, Conceptualise and develop representations of themes ACAVAM125, Analyse a range of visual artworks from contemporary and past times to explore differing viewpoints and enrich their visual art-making, starting with Australian artworks, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, and consider international artworks ACAVAR131
  • Cross Curricular Priority Focus -  Australia’s Engagement with Asia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture, Sustainability

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