This program embeds language and literacy skills into a pirate-themed Highlights Tour of the museum. Students will meet a pirate, complete a treasure hunt of the museum precinct and immerse themselves in the maritime experience through object handling. Students, parents, teachers, translators and tour guides are encouraged to dress like pirates for the tour. 

Subjects, Stages and Sub-themes covered include:

English Stage 1 – Stage 4 / Kindergarten to Year 8 (as per the ESL and National Literacy Learning Progression scales)
Expressing Themselves, Speaking and Listening, Grammar, Punctuation, Vocabulary, Reading, Thinking Imaginatively and Creatively, Spelling, Reflecting on Learning 

NSW Curriculum references

EN1-11D, ENe-6B, EN1-6B, EN1-1A, EN1-9B, EN1-10C, EN2-4A, N3-7C, EN3-6B, N3-4A, EN4–3B

Australian Curriculum references

ACELA1539, ACELA1513, ACELA1514, ACELA1526, ACELY1698, ACELT1617, ACELA1464, ACELA1452, ACELT1585, ACELT1582

Program structure

Treasure Hunt

Students embark on a hunt around the museum and on board the Tall Ship James Craig to look for the treasure of the pirate school principal, Black-Heart Boris. Along the way they learn a tongue twister, how to follow rhymes, clues and a map and get a chance to test-drive their English language skills on a native speaking pirate. Key language and grammar points are embedded throughout this ESL Highlights tour to ensure maximum learning and engagement. At the end of the program students gain their own pirate licence to decorate.


Price: $15 per student.
* Travel Agents: Our Big Ticket offers the best value and provides full access to the museum, our vessels, special exhibitions and kids programs, for more information email:

Teachers and supervising adults visit FREE of charge within the ratios specified in Plan Your School Visit. Additional adults will be charged the student rate.

More information

  • A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies.
  • Duration and start/finish times: contingent upon student numbers and will be arranged and explained during booking.
  • Breaks: you're welcome to take recess or lunch at the museum before or after the program, but mid-program breaks must be arranged at time of booking.
  • Entry to exhibitions and vessels: all bookings include FREE entry to museum exhibitions and HMAS Vampire, time permitting. All other vessels require pre-booking. A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies on HMAS Vampire.