Curriculum references - NSW

History Year 2 - changes in technology shape/change our daily life
Geography Stage 2 - Sustainability and environments
Mathematics Stage 3 - Measurement, number, data representation & interpretation
Science & Technology – Stage 3 – Material World – how materials influence design solutions; Physical world - oceans
CCP: Sustainability

Curriculum references - Australian

History Year 2 - changes in technology shape/change our daily life
Geography Years 4 - - Sustainability and environments
Mathematics Years 5 & 6 Measurement, number, data representation & interpretation
Technology Years 3-6 - Factors that influence design; Suitability and properties of materials for different purposes and uses; sustainability in design
CCP: Sustainability Science & Technology

Program structure

Use our fun and informative activity trail to navigate your way through the six containers, exploring concepts in transport, globalisation, trade and business, interconnections, design & technology, sustainability and ocean conservation. Our museum educators will help students investigate the content in an informative and engaging way. 

There are TWO tours available:

1. Transport (History) Years 1 - 2

Explore how transportation of cargo has changed over time, from sailing ships to containerisation.

Optional visit to the tall ship James Craig, a 19th-century cargo vessel (extra $5.00 per student)

2. Container (Geography, Technology, Mathematics, Business) Years 4 - 6

Explore how the rise of the container industry has revolutionised Australian and global economies, how different people work in this field, influenced the ocean environment and showcased how containers can be used in sustainable design. For maths, students will interpret tables, graphs and types of measurement


Price: $10 per student.

Teachers and supervising adults visit FREE of charge within the ratios specified in Plan Your School Visit. Additional adults will be charged the student rate.

More information

  • A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies.
  • Duration and start/finish times: contingent upon student numbers and will be arranged and explained during booking.
  • Breaks: you're welcome to take recess or lunch at the museum before or after the program, but mid-program breaks must be arranged at time of booking.
  • Entry to exhibitions and vessels: all bookings include FREE entry to museum exhibitions and HMAS Vampire, time permitting. All other vessels require pre-booking. A supervisor/student ratio of 1:15 applies on HMAS Vampire.
  • Location: all programs begin and end at the Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney.