Human Rights Trail – hidden histories, marginalised communities and critical thinking.

Explore the museum inside and outside with this tour highlighting hidden histories in our collection through a human rights lens.

Build a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities through a curriculum-aligned highlights tour of the hidden histories in the museum (including a visit to the Vietnamese Refugee Boat, Tu Do). 

Consider how certain objects reinforce or undermine our human rights. 

NSW Curriculum:
Year 7 to 10 - History and Civics and Citizenship 

Australian Curriculum:
Foundation to Year 6 - HASS and English

Relevant Subject areas:
Literacy, Ethical Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding, Personal and Social Capability, Information and Communication Capability

Cross Curricular Priorities: 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Histories and Cultures, Sustainability and Australia’s Relationship with Asia 

Program Structure: 
60 minute highlights tour of the museum led by one a member of our highly experienced teacher trained museum educator team.

$10/per student

1 teacher: 15 students  

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