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10 Mar 2014

Patriotic inspiration: The tale behind a wartime image
Propaganda posters for kids arts and crafts

15 Feb 2014

Persuasive Posters - A propaganda collage craft for the home

13 Feb 2014

Troopships – The Forgotten Ships of WW1

12 Feb 2014

Our Emden - Contesting public memory through film

10 Feb 2014

HMAS Voyager – tragedy and courage

29 Jan 2014

When in doubt, Razzle Dazzle them

24 Jan 2014

A sea serpent and a lightship
Re-use a cardboard boxes to make a fearsome viking boat, helmet and sword!

15 Jan 2014

Box-board Vikings

27 Dec 2013

Men of the 'Silent Anzac'