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Whale stamp for kids arts and crafts

12 Jun 2014

Stampin up (a whale of) a storm!
Whale and krill finger puppets

19 May 2014

How to make whale and krill finger puppets

04 Apr 2014

Blasting the Zeewijk cannon: Conservation in action
Make your own narwhal softie

01 Apr 2014

Make your own narwhal softie

15 Feb 2014

Persuasive Posters - A propaganda collage craft for the home

24 Jan 2014

A sea serpent and a lightship
Re-use a cardboard boxes to make a fearsome viking boat, helmet and sword!

15 Jan 2014

Box-board Vikings

03 Jan 2014

Goat Island – Conservation Kayaking

23 Dec 2013

Lucy’s Adventures