What happens when you cross a sock with an octopus? A soctopus of course! Hands-down the easiest soft sculpture craft you could make, re-using simple items you have around the home.

Suitable for ages: 3 years and up
Time required: 30 mins
Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Down in the bottom of the deep blue sea, there are strange and wonderful things. Fish that glow in the dark or squirt bellyfuls of slime, one metre wide jellies and snaggle-toothed fearsome slithering things. And when you take a betentacled creature and make them a bedazzled and bespectacled creature – a steampunk soctopus! 

finished sock octopus softie

Not a creature from primordial depths out to destroy the world but an adorable sewing-free softie that’s perfect for craft time with kids.


What You'll Need: 

• Socks (printed or patterned look best)
• A few handfuls of pillow stuffing
• Elastic bands or chenille stems
• Wiggle eyes or safety eyes
• Craft glue
• Spare heavyweight fabric such as felt, vinyl or contact paper
• Sequins, rhinestones or glitter
  Optional: split pins, needle and thread, metallic cord or wire

Step 1.
Stuff a handful of pillow stuffing into the toe of your sock to make the octopus head. 

stuffing into sock

stuffing in sock

Step 2.
Tie the neck of your octopus shut with an elastic band.

tie off octopus head with elastic band

Step 3.
Make the octopus legs by cutting the bottom of your sock octopus in 2 centimetre-wide strips. You might like to trim off the ankle elastic first.

cut octopus legs

Step 4.
Add your wiggle eyes using craft glue. You could also use stitch-on eyes or safety eyes for a more robust octopus.

with eyes on

Step 5.
Freehand cut a pair of steampunk goggles to fit your octopus using heavy fabric or vinyl/contact.

make steampunk goggles

Step 5
Add glue to your goggles to secure them.

glue on goggles fro sequins

Step 6.
With the glue, bedazzle your goggles with sequins or something else sparkly. Allow to dry.  

add sequins to goggles

Step 7.
For extra steampunk accessories cut out some cogs or mechanical arms from your vinyl/felt/contact and cover them with a bit of sparkle, too.

add steampunk accessories

Step 8.
Use split pins or stickytape to secure your goggles onto the soctopus.

octopus with goggles on

Step 9.
Use glue or split pins to attach your accessories.

octopus with goggle and  steampunk accessories

Step 10.
If you like, add a little smile to your octopus using metallic wire, thread or a chenille stem.

finished sock octopus softie

 And there you have it. A cute-as-cotton-socks steampunk octopus softie!

octopus with friend


We’d love to see your creations! 
Please send us photos either by email to: web@sea.museum or tag us on Instagram - just tag the photo with our username @sea.museum

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