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Wild Ocean Woman: Kay Cottee’s ‘First Lady’

25 Nov 2016

Imagine being thrown about in your small yacht surfing down a 20-metre wave. You’re in the Southern Indian Ocean, it’s freezing, you’re exhausted and soaked through. You’re days or weeks from land. You have no GPS. You’re alone.

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'Freedom or Death!' in Bali

02 Nov 2016

Australians usually go to Bali for the beaches or scuba diving. Recently, a team from the Australian National Maritime Museum went to Bali for a very different reason – to open an exhibition and lead a seminar on some amazing but largely forgotten shared histories of the two countries.

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A world of wildlife: From the desk of Bailey

23 Sep 2016

When I first came to work here, my human colleagues had strict instructions never to let me inside the actual museum. Ha! That didn’t last long. My furry charm worked its magic, and today , after I’d had my bath and was all squeaky clean, I was invited to review our exhibition Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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Harold Cazneaux: Fame and family

12 Sep 2016

If you weave your way through the imagery and beautiful photographs in Through a different lens – Cazneaux by the water, you’ll notice that 1937 was a big year for Australian photographer Harold Cazneaux: the culmination of a forty-year career that corresponded with the dawning of the Australian nation, and an emerging national consciousness.

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