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Daina Fletcher

Daina Fletcher is a senior curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Going for gold

06 Feb 2014

As the XXII Olympic Winter Games begin tomorrow in Sochi, Russia, the museum will celebrate Australia’s success at last year’s summer Games in London by featuring one of Australia’s gold medal boats, the International 470 class dinghy Practical Magic.

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Before the mast… before the boom

29 Oct 2013

Think of Western Australia and red earth, big skies and endless, timeless landscapes come to mind. That and the monumentalism of the mining boom, its huge trucks, open cut mines and mind boggling economics.

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The America’s cup 30 years on

21 Sep 2013

This week marks 30 years since an aspirational nation woke up to news that Australia had licked the Americans in a blue-blood yachting event, finally wresting the coveted America’s Cup from the nation which had held it for 132 years and fought off all challengers.

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Canoes and reflections in Melbourne

14 Aug 2012

During a recent Melbourne visit I encountered a pleasant surprise among the intriguing cacophony that is Australia’s film and television history at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) near Federation Square – one of the ten canoes from Rolf de Heer and Peter Djigger’s 2006 film of the same name.Nestled in a cove of green space is one of the canoes, a ngarrdin, made in 2006 by Yolngu men Philip Gudthaykudthay, Peter Djogirr, Bobby Bunungurr, Michael Dawu, Billy Black, Steven Wilanydjanu Malibirr and Roy Burnyila.

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Canoe model at Custom’s House

11 Aug 2012

Well it’s great to see that the few metres of yellow stringy bark which was magically folded into a canoe shape at the Nawi – exploring Australia’s Indigenous watercraft conference has become a two metre model of a Sydney-style nawi, AND that it is already on display, revealing Gadigal stories of fishing, fires, travelling and trading.

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