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Rhondda Orchard

Rhondda is the Managing Registrar Collection Documentation and Database at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Saltwater Barks go to Istanbul

07 Sep 2015

The Australian National Maritime Museum, with the assistance of Stephen Grant of the GrantPirrie Gallery, purchased a large collection of 80 bark paintings produced to assist the Yolnu, the Aboriginal inhabitants of north-east Arnhem Land to express their ownership, law and traditional knowledge over their lands and waters.

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Operation: Torpedo

20 Feb 2015

Working as a registrar at the museum often requires one to think outside the box, and today was no different. Today’s task was to organise the return of a 1200 kg dummy torpedo class 21″ MK9 to the Naval Heritage Collection – simple, right?

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Borrowing from the Maritime Museum’s Collection

03 Sep 2013

The Australian National Maritime Museum has been collecting historic material well before it opened its doors to the public in 1989. As a result we have a wide and rich variety of material in our collection consisting of over 140,000 objects. Of these over 20,000 have been published to our collection website.

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A pocket with no jacket – can you help?

20 Aug 2012

Moving objects around the collection stores sometimes turns up interesting discoveries. I made one such discovery that requires a bit of detective work to solve. While searching through a textile box in storage I came across a lonely black fabric pocket. The pocket logically seemed to have come loose from a jacket or blazer and this makes sense as the rest of the material in the box were in fact jackets and blazers.

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