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Lucy’s Adventures

23 Dec 2013

Lucy's Adventures iconThe museum’s first children’s app has been unleashed.  Lucy’s Adventures is a puzzle infused version of fuzzy-felts for the digital generation.   Instead of pastel coloured boards children choose form a selection of richly illustrated backgrounds and their own photos.  They can drag-and-drop imaginary characters, museum and fantasy objects on to the different backgrounds, change the weather and time of day to create a scene.

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Join us on Endeavour

26 Mar 2009

Do you dream to follow in the wake of Captain Cook, sailing the Endeavour along Australia’s coast? Well, now you can! Your ocean adventure begins when you board the world-recognised Endeavour replica and set sail for Cooktown. On your voyage leg, you will learn to sail, live and sleep like an 18th-century seafarer.
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Week 2

19 Sep 2008

This week the model has progressed very well. Using my electric finger file and a lot of sand paper, I sanded down the contours of the blocks of chemi-wood until it took on a hull shape.  Continual use of the drawings and sighting by eye has produced a perfect hull form.

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