Clarence River Historical Society Inc. $3,000

For the 'Collection Management' project.  Funding is for a consultant to conduct a stock take audit of objects of maritime significance in the collection and a professional assessment of national, state, regional and local significance.

Greater Taree City Council In-kind support

For the 'Assessing and recording the wreck of the PS. Manning' project.  Australian National Maritime Museum Manager - Maritime Archaeology, Kieran Hosty, will provide in-kind support to collaborate and review the condition of the vessel and provide recommendation on how best to proceed with the management, conservation, recording and future interpretation of the wreck.

Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated $1,000

 For the 'Assessing, preserving and displaying the documentary & pictorial history of Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club Incorporated' project; funding is for an expert assessment of the significance of the club's collection.

Mid-Western Regional Council $7,000

For the 'Restoration of Des Odgers Japanese flag' project for the restoration and display of a Japanese flag significant to Kandos' maritime military and social history.

Moruya & District Historical Society inc. $1,105

For the 'Moruya Pilot Station Records Transcription' project.  This project aims to transcribe the Moruya Pilot Station log books starting with the log of the first pilot Captain John Ross who arrived at the station in 1860 and remained there until his death in 1871.  Funding is to copy the first two volumes of log books held in the State Records archives.

Newcastle Region Maritime Museum $4,486

For the 'National Standard 3.2 - Paper' project.  For a workshop conducted by a Preservation Australia consultant to train volunteers from the museum and other Hunter region community museums.

Port of Yamba Historical Society $600

For the 'Paperworks' project, to  engage  a  paper  conservator  to  carry  out  the appropriate  conservation on two  lifesaving  certificates  presented  to  Osric  B. Notely.

Port Stephens Historical Society $1,500

For the display in the History Room and the Assault Room of the Inner Light Cottage and Museum.  The Society's photographic display will give a portrayal of the history and heritage of Port Stephens.

Rotary Club of Kincumber $9,830

For the 'Shipbuilders Memorial Walk' project for two memorials dedicated to individual shipbuilders who made a significant contribution to the shipbuilding industry of Brisbane Waters.  The Rotary Club of Kincumber, in conjunction with Gosford City Council, has determined to construct a permanent memorial to these shipbuilders along with 15 individual memorials.

Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club Inc. $4,400

 Following from the significance assessment conducted last year and as part of the Tamarama SLSC's plan to identify, digitise and conserve heritage items; this project is for a preservation needs assessment on known items to be conducted by a professional consultant.

The Dictionary of Sydney Trust $5,000

 For the 'Unlocking the multiple layered histories of the Sydney Harbour Islands online' project.  The Dictionary of Sydney is a city encyclopedia based on a permanent historical digital repository with the website being a forum for public discovery, discussion and learning.  This project seeks to engage local researchers, authors and historians in documenting the islands of Sydney Harbour and their maritime heritage.


King Island Historical Society $3,246

'Shipwrecks, survivors and pioneers of King Island'; this project aims to create eight display boards, with some professional expertise, which will be made up to tell the stories of significant events of the early days of King Island.  The displays will be along the Maritime Heritage Trail from the museum to the Currie Lighthouse and are extension of the significance of the maritime collection in the museum.

Maritime Museum of Tasmania $6,080

For the 'Primary School Education Program Back Pack' project for an education program based on discussion cards, teacher's resources and objects that can be taken into the Maritime Museum in a back pack or sailor's ditty bag and used by schools to explore the museum offering a structured experience focusing on key themes and reflecting the new national history curriculum.

Narryna Heritage Museum $4,000

For the conservation work on the oil painting and frame of the Sir John Rae Reid ship's portrait.  Following a provenance study in 2012-13 into the artist of this ship's portrait; the Narryna Heritage Museum plan to conserve this object which is highly emblematic of Narryna's maritime associations.


Caboolture Historical Society In-kind support

Australian National Maritime Museum Curator, David Payne, will provide in-kind support to collaborate, review and provide recommendations on the restoration of the ARHV listed vessel Bunda-La, an ex-pilot boat built in 1958 for QLD Department of Harbours and Marine.  The intention of the Caboolture Historical Society is to restore the vessel to its original condition for static-display in the village.

Cairns Maritime Museum Inc. In-kind support

Australian National Maritime Manager - Maritime Archaeology, Kieran Hosty, will provide in-kind support to collaborate and discuss the Cairns Maritime Museum's collection and assist with recommendations around best practice collection management, conservation, recording and future interpretation.

Krawarree Project Inc. In-kind support

The Krawarree Project seeks to provide public access to the vessel, the Krawarree, following completion of the restoration.  On the ARHV, this is the last surviving Army Hospital ship of five built in Tasmania in 1944-45.  Australian National Maritime Museum Curator, David Payne, will provide in-kind support to collaborate and provide assistance with the development of a Vessel Management Plan for the Krawarree.

South Australia

Copper Coast Historic Vessel Association Inc.  $10,000

For the '1908 Fisherman's Handicap Cup' project.  For the preservation and display of the cup collection won in 1908 by Ben Simms Snr in York Peninsula Regatta for the fisherman's handicap sailing race at Wallaroo in the vessel Alice.  The display will include an interactive video for public viewing in the Wallaroo Heritage & Nautical Museum.

Mannum Dock Museum of River History $10,000

 This project will produce the interactive map of the Murray - Darling system encompassing geographical elements and maritime heritage trails associated with the paddle steamer industry.  The map is a key element to the final stage of the interactive "All Steamed Up" display.

National Trust of South Australia $10,000

For the conservation, painting and removal of rust from the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Lantern Room.  Funding is conditional on the National Trust of South Australia demonstrating that the work being undertaken is according to a plan approved by a heritage specialist.

Penneshaw Maritime and Folk Museum $5,300

 For the 'Karatta lifeboat conservation' project.  The lifeboat was carried on the S.S. Karatta which serviced Kangaroo Island for 53 years until 1961.  This project is for an expert assessment and evaluation of the need for renovation, rehabilitation or conservation.

South Australian Maritime Museum $10,000

 For the 'Translating technical innovation to exhibition: displaying the Protector project'.  Working with the Australian Centre for Visualisation Technology at the University of Adelaide, this project aims to produce geometrically correct 3D models (both virtual and physical) from historic photographs for an exhibition.  The exhibition will focus on the colonial warship HMCS Protector which arrived in Port Adelaide in 1884 and offers a way to see the events of WWI from a South Australian Perspective.


Echuca Historical Society In-kind support

 For the 'Save the PS Murrumbidgee' project.  Australian National Maritime Museum Curator, David Payne will provide in-kind support to collaborate and review the significance of the vessel and provide recommendations on the vessel stabilisation.  Echuca Historical Society is seeking support to stabilise the PS Murrumbidgee bow section of the hull with the remains of the vessel to be placed on the river bank until funding is accessed to allow further conservation.

Mission to Seafarers Victoria $2,000

 The Mission to Seafarers Victoria holds a heritage collection of approximately 10,000 items dating to the mid-1800s.  Funding is for the required archival materials to continue with the cataloguing, preservation and storage program.

Nepean Historical Society $5,000

 For the Conservation of Bird Figurehead from the ship "SEA" project.  The Nepean Historical Society have a 160 year old bird shaped ship's figurehead/billet in their collection considered of state significance as a rare surviving example from a 19th century ship.  This project is for the conservation and a professional standard interpretive display of the figurehead both in the museum and online.

Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Inc. $9,600

 For the 'HMVS Lonsdale, Recording, Conservation & Interpretation' project.  Supported by Heritage Victoria, and with involvement by Flinders University graduate students, this project will conduct a small excavation to uncover the remains of the HMVS Lonsdale, the former Colonial Victorian Navy second class torpedo boat which is buried in the grounds of the Queenscliffe Maritime Museum.

Sail & Adventure Limited $10,000

 For the 'Interactive 3D presentation and education facility for the Alma Doepel' project.  A 3D Finite Element (FE) model of the Alma Doepel was created to assist in developing the structural work plan for the current restoration.  This project is to develop a presentation facility for an existing 3D model of the Alma Dopel making the vessel and the restoration project more accessible to the public.

Western Australia

Broome Historical Society & Museum $10,000

 For a professional designer to be engaged for the design of the Stateships exhibition, a permanent exhibition illustrating how essential the Stateships services were to Broome and the Kimberley.  The grant will firstly be used for curatorial expertise to determine the content, themes and messages for the exhibition.

Jaycees Community Foundation Inc - t/as Whale World Albany $8,000

 For the 'Ed Smidt Collection - The final 8 years of Australian Whaling (Book & DVD)' project.  For the commissioning of a book on the late Ed Smidt collection of 56 photographs showing the essence of the final eight years of Australia's last whaling operations.

Geographe Bay Tourism Association $7,500

 For the 'Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse Maritime Museum and Interpretive Centre' project.  Funding is for a consultant to project-manage development of a centre that communicates the local maritime history relating to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and surrounding district.  Also for the restoration of the lighthouse lens and housing from Jarman Island.