Did you know that the Maritime Museum has a diverse range of touring exhibits available?

Our expert museum team of curators, designers and educators have been creating and building touring exhibits for over 20 years. Designed to share the museum experience with communities and organisations around Australia and internationally. We tour panel displays, exhibitions and artworks featuring objects from the National Maritime Collection, interactive exhibitions and unique outdoor exhibits like Container. Some of the fascinating topics explored include ocean science and innovation, maritime archaeology, art history, Indigenous cultural history, immigration and naval history.

Whether you have a small space or a larger venue, our touring exhibitions are suitable for community groups and cultural institutions.  

Timings and availability
Due to popular demand, some larger exhibits may be booked out 2-3 years in advance, so we recommend enquiring with us about availability early in your planning. Smaller displays can often be booked at short notice, though - just ask! Please be aware that there may be additional security and environmental requirements for some exhibitions.  

For more information or to enquire about hosting one of the exhibitions or displays listed below, please email: touringexhibitions@sea.museum

Exhibitions for Hire

Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters - Prehistoric Ocean Predators

While dinosaurs ruled the land, huge prehistoric reptiles hunted the depths. Real fossils, gigantic replicas, immersive multimedia and hands-on interactives reveal these ancient monsters of the deep.

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James Cameron: Challenging the Deep

James Cameron: Challenging the Deep is a major immersive exhibition tracing filmmaker James Cameron's lifelong pursuit of and achievements in deep-ocean science, technology and exploration, including his record breaking dives in DEEPSEA CHALLENGER.

Please contact Flying Fish Exhibitions to inquire about hosting the exhibition at your venue.

Seaman with cat and kitten, 1910s, Samuel J Hood Studio, Australian National Maritime Museum Collection

Cats & Dogs - All At Sea

Cats and dogs have been cherished on board ships for as long as people have made sea voyages. In a life from which children and families are usually missing, and are often very much missed, pets provide a focus for emotions and affection.

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Sydney Harbour scenes: boy on a raft by Harold Cazneaux, 1905. ANMM Collection. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Anne Christoffersen, in memory of the artist. ANMM Collection 00054641.

Through a different lens – Cazneaux by the water

Harold Cazneaux (1878-1953), was a giant in the history of Australian photograpy. Travel back in time to experience Cazneaux’s soft-focus view of Australia, getting an insight into this significant photographer’s life.

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Undiscovered #9 Michael Cook © 2010 ANMM Collection

Undiscovered - Photographic works by Michael Cook

Undiscovered offers a contemporary Indigenous perspective on European settlement in Australia through the photographic works of celebrated Aboriginal artist Michael Cook.

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Container the Box that Changed the World Outdoor Exhibition Australian National Maritime Museum

Container - The box that changed the world.

In our first-ever outdoor exhibition you can literally ‘step inside the box’ to explore six colourful containers scattered like giant Lego pieces. Each container covers one part of this six part exhibition.

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Gapu Monuk Saltwater Journey to Sea Country

Gapu-Monuk Saltwater

Discover the fascinating stories of Blue Mud Bay and the journey to Indigenous Sea Rights.

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Voyage To The Deep

Our award-winning interactive exhibition Voyage To The Deep has concluded its Australian tour. 
Please contact Flying Fish Exhibits to enquire about international bookings.



Current Touring Exhibitions

While dinosaurs ruled the land, huge prehistoric ocean predators hunted the depths. Discover more in this seriously scary exhibition and 3D film. 

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While dinosaurs ruled the land, huge prehistoric ocean predators hunted the depths. Discover more in this seriously scary exhibition and 3D film. 

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