Read detailed stories behind our objects, our exhibitions, and explorations into maritime science and archaeology.

Submarine AE1

14 Sep 2015

Discover the story of Australia's most enduring maritime mystery — the loss of the navy’s first submarine AE1 in 1914.

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Black Armada

17 Aug 2015

On 17 August 1945, Indonesia declared its independence as a nation. Learn more about Australia’s role during the Indonesian independence struggle and the so-called 'Black Armada'.

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Australian Lighthouses

14 Aug 2015

Learn about the 100-year history of Commonwealth lighthouses and explore some of Australia's famous lighthouses – the tallest, the oldest and the most isolated – located all around our vast coastline.

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Turning the Plastic Tide

05 Mar 2015

Plastic is a versatile material we've embraced for 70 years and it's choking life in our oceans. By 2025, the oceans could contain one tonne of plastic rubbish for every three tonnes of fish.

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