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Advertising poster showing a woman surfing at the beach

Vintage beach glamour: Five stylish swimming caps

13 Jan 2020

Swimming caps were a popular fashion accessory in the 1950s and 1960s, with decorated caps the new vogue. We've selected our top five favourite swimming caps from the collection, featuring bright colours, applique and bedazzled jewels! 



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Cruise ship in the Suez Canal

Sydney via the Suez: The diary of Michael Walker

30 Dec 2019

To mark the Suez Canal’s 150th anniversary, curator Kim Tao shares an edited extract from the diary of Michael Walker, a 33-year-old chiropodist who emigrated from England in 1953 with his wife Mildred (aged 32), a teacher, and their children, Nicholas (five) and Elizabeth (three), on the P&O liner Maloja

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Black and white photograph of a ship

Digitising our history: The tragedy of SS Federal

21 Dec 2019

The museum’s Registration team recently digitised 127 documents related to the working life and horrific wrecking of SS Federal. Curator of Ocean Science and Technology Emily Jateff provides an overview of the shipwreck and its discovery. 

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