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Voyage Log: Sydney-Brisbane Aug 2008: Day 6

27 Aug 2008

Noon Position: Lat 31 19S, Long 513 24E
Day’s Run: 55 nautical miles
This afternoon, Captain Ross decides that the crew are resting on their laurels, so he throws in a fire drill at sea to liven things up a bit. This drill is vital for the safety of Endeavour – especially as she is a wooden vessel. At the sounding of the alarm, all hands muster on deck and count off – everyone is present. At the same time, the professional crew take their stations – hoses, fire suits, first aid equipment and all in an orderly manner.

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian rowing gold

20 Aug 2008

It’s gold in the rowing for Drew Ginn and Duncan Free and we’d like to highlight a gold medal rowing collection held by the Vaughan Evans Library. Put together over a lifetime by former Olympic rowing team captain, Kevyn Parke Webb (1924-1991) this collection covers the period from the mid 19th century to the 1980’s. Amongst the many volumes you’ll find rowing textbooks, club histories, handbooks, regattas and rare specialist rowing periodicals. Visit the Vaughan Evans Library at the ANMM website

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