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Balmain Regatta; Dusting Off the Couta

27 Oct 2008

At around noon on Sunday the trusty crew of the museum’s much admired “couta boat” Thistle rowed off from the Balmain Sailing Club’s wharf. Although there was much to keep a sailor ashore, with the club house abuzz and an oasis of shaded park land offering a spectrum of  activities, with a distinct lack of coffee and continuous offers of ale, it wiser to be out of temptations’ way. Thistle, built circa 1900 requires the full command of one’s brawn to rig and sail safely. Lacking much of the mechanical advantage of a modern pleasure yacht, “ winches are for cheats” could be heard called forth to passing vessels as our apprentice shipwright hauled in on the fore sail sheet.

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Day Two; Between the Times 17/10/2008

24 Oct 2008

Today is much like the last only lacking all the fanfare. Again, our Navy pilot boards and the DMS tugs come along side. Under the watchful eye of the jaunty dockmaster we’re eased into the Captain Cook Graving Dock, one of the true industrial cathedrals, but today it looks more like an over sized swimming pool. Secured well back in southern eastern corner of the dock, Onslow will stay in this position until the pump-out of the dock commences next Friday, being joined by the museums light ship  CLS 4 (commonwealth light ship) and thales’ floating dock. There is not a lot happening for the rest of the day so I’m off back to museum to organise some supplies.

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Week 6

20 Oct 2008

An arduous week, but most of the exterior detail associated with the hull, bulwarks, and the rudder is now complete.

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Week 5

10 Oct 2008

This week saw progress on the exterior detail of the model, with work in particular on the bow and figurehead.

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