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End of the trip now lets plan the next one

03 Feb 2009

All good expeditions must come to an end, equipment must be returned to its owners, expedition members returned to their families, friends and employers, charter vessels have to be cleaned, resupplied, the crew changed over and then sent back out to sea with a different set of passengers seeking different diving locations and sites.

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Week 16

28 Jan 2009

Happy New Year to you all! This is the last update for this project, as HMS Beagle is now complete!

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Flora Reef

14 Jan 2009

Late on Monday night the intrepid Mermaid Project 2009 crew anchored off Fitzroy Island south of Cairns where we then waited for the crew of Pirate to join us for a few hours to pick up video footage of the Mermaid site which Xanthe had compiled for a media release on the discovery.

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Monday 12 January off Endeavour Reef

13 Jan 2009

As the expedition winds down for 2009 the weather has been winding up – the wind and the seas have been gradually increasing over the last three days. Whilst its still possible to dive on Endeavour Reef an expected wind shift to the south and east will making diving on the HMB Endeavour stranding site very difficult.

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Endeavour Reef

12 Jan 2009

With strengthening winds the decision was taken last night to move Spoilsport to Endeavour Reef, approximately 120 nautical miles to the north of Flora Reef, to investigate the 1770 stranding site of HMB Endeavour.

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Mermaid Project Update

11 Jan 2009

Due to the sea conditions on the HMCS Mermaid site on Flora Reef the ANMM / Silentworld expedition vessels have moved to the western side of Sudbury Reef.

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Thank you :)

09 Jan 2009

Kieran asked that as were no longer on the boat if we could make comments on our experiences so here goes (I don’t know how many of you will actually read this but anyway its here). It’s an honest view of what you are like.

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