Bailey Haggarty has been with the museum since 2016 helping keep our wharves and vessels clean.

Staff members spend hours cleaning the mess seagulls leave behind, and in the past we tried various methods to scare them away. We tried ultrasonics, statues of birds of prey, humming line, sprinklers activated by motion sensors or just hosing them away – none of them worked. Enter Bailey!

We adopted Bailey from a working dog rescue centre as we discovered that other places had success with dogs scaring away seagulls. Bailey patrols our wharves and vessels and chases the seagulls away before their droppings can damage the paint on our vessels. 

When he isn't hard at work, Bailey enjoys long walks by the beach, a treat or two (Schmackos preferably) and lots of cuddles and pats! 

Have you met Bailey yet? Be sure to look out for him on your next visit!

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