A performing artist and choreographer who delivers Indian cultural dance workshops to young people has been awarded top honours by the NSW Government. 


The Australian National Maritime Museum Arts and Culture Medal was awarded to Shyamla Eswaran as part of the 2020 Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals. 

Acting Minister for Multiculturalism Geoff Lee congratulated Ms Eswaran on her achievements, particularly in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). 

“Now more than ever, community leaders are playing an important role,” Mr Lee said. 

“During COVID-19, incredible leaders like Shyamla continue to engage and connect with people in a time where physical distancing has challenged the way communities interact.” 

“The museum congratulates Shyamla on the recognition that this award brings to her work. She has toured the country introducing young people to Indian culture and fostering cross cultural connections”, said Kevin Sumption, Director and CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum.

“The cultural diversity in our country is something we must always honour and cherish. We have much to learn from the experiences and skills of people from different cultures and it is one of the great aspects of the Australian national identity. 

“The museum is proud to continue its support of Multicultural NSW and bring to life the stories of migrants to Australia through its Welcome Wall and migration programs.”


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