Holbrook Submarine Museum $9,089

Sound Scaping the Control Room
To provide interactive and 3D experiences which enhance the educational value of the current display areas.  The Holbrook Submarine Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum and the Western Australian Museum will collaborate on this project which aims to install a system in the Control Room area that reproduces historically correct commands and background noises of the day to day operations of an Oberon class submarine so that past submariners will be able to share their unique workplaces and lifestyle with their families and the general public. 

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum $15,000

Below the Waterline
The aim of this project is to develop the area below the Lady Denman Ferry, known as the Ferry Well into an accessible exhibition area for the public and to showcase the museum’s recreational craft collection, while at the same time providing a safe and clean environment that enables the objects to be appropriately cared for on a regular basis.  The view of the hull of the Lady Denman Ferry from underneath is an impressive sight and additional interpretation of the ferry, including the copper lining of the hull and the last engine prior to restoration will provide a unique perspective of the vessel for the visitors.  Curatorial assistance and advice is awarded for assessing the objects in this area for interpretation, and advice regarding narrative structure and potential opportunities for education links for schools.  Funding is also awarded for the engagement of a graphic designer to design the exhibition graphics. 

La Perouse Museum $10,000

A Significance Assessment and Collection Policy for the La Perouse Museum collection
La Perouse Museum opened in 1988 and currently tells the story of the Laperouse expedition, his arrival in Botany Bay in 1788 and encounter with the First Fleet, and eventual shipwreck in the Solomon Islands. Through a program of changing temporary exhibitions, the museum also looks at the ever changing Aboriginal, environmental and local history of La Perouse.  The Museum’s collection is primarily maritime-based and features authentic movable heritage, and replica objects, relating to the French Naval Commander and Explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup, comte de Laperouse (mainly marine archaeology objects and archives from Laperouse’s resultant Atlases). 

The aims of this project is to appoint an appropriate consultant to produce a Significance Assessment and related Collections Policy for La Perouse Museum in order to help raise the profile and importance of the maritime collections to new audiences, and to drive future programming, interpretation and collecting activity.  

Gerringong and District Historical Society – In Kind Support

Museum Exhibit: Gerringong Boat Harbour
In Kind support advice and assistance is awarded, with a visit, viewing, conversation and advice from an experienced and qualified adviser on how best to accurately and interestingly tell the story of Boat Harbour and shipping in the area when the Historical Society set up the displays in the restored museum building. This organisation have some articles to display and some wonderful information on their website www.gerringonghistory.org.au and applied for this in kind support for advice on how best to approach the opportunity to create something wonderful to tell the maritime story of Gerringong.

Internship - Jervis Bay Maritime Museum

Up to $2,000 for up to 8 days at the Australian National Maritime Museum  

Internship - Port Stephens Historical Society Inc

Up to $2,000 for up to 8 days at the Australian National Maritime Museum  


Darwin Military Museum $6,951

Repaint of Boom Winch and acquire Lister diesel engine
During the early stages of WWII a boom net was built across Darwin harbour to protect against submarines. Stretching for six kilometres, this was the longest anti-submarine boom net in the world. Several hundred Royal Australian Navy personnel were employed in maintaining the boom which required continuous attention due to the massive tides which occur in Darwin.  A small fleet of specialist naval vessels were employed, including two 'gate' vessels which opened a section of the boom for friendly ships to come and go through the harbour.  A number of these vessels came under attack during the huge raid on Darwin on 19 February 1942.  The boom winch is in good condition and is one of few surviving artefacts related to the boom net (remains of some of the huge steel boom floats can be seen at low tide in the harbour).  Continued preservation of the winch is vital in being able to relate the history of this passive defence mechanism (which was also used at other Australian ports but none of the others approached the length and challenges of the Darwin installation). This project will remove rust and re-paint the boom winch.  The display will be expanded through acquisition of a Lister diesel engine which was used to drive the winch. 


James Cook Museum, National Trust Australia – Queensland $14,500
Riverside to Rainforest: Connecting Cooktown's Maritime Heritage and Scientific Discovery
This project will develop a Maritime Heritage Interpretation Strategy for Cooktown, Queensland. It will undertake research on sites of local and national significance in Cooktown with a view to develop interpretation concepts and strategies for places and landscapes linked with maritime and scientific activities between local Bama people’s and first Europeans to visit the region on HBM Endeavour in 1770.  This grant will enable the engagement of a Heritage Architect to identify and document public spaces, sight lines and access routes that will be developed to establish strong links and routes between the maritime environment on the banks of Endeavour River and the living collections of the Cooktown Botanical Gardens.
Millmerran and District Historical Society $6,264
"Water Baby" Interpretive Panels and Audio Visual
The Millmerran Historical Society plan to build a dedicated building at the Millmerran Museum to preserve and upgrade the display of the steam launch "Water Baby" which was built in 1877-1878 by the Gore family on Yandilla Station.  To complete the presentation of Water Baby interpretive panels are needed to tell the unique story of Water Baby and its role in the historical narrative of flooding in the Condamine River and Grasstree Creek catchments, part of the upper Murray-Darling Basin River System.  The project aims to consult a museum development officer, undertake research and produce and install interpretive panels.  Funding is awarded for the interpretive panels.
Queensland Maritime Museum $6,000
Interpretation plan and permanent exhibit of unique 19th and 20th century artefacts in storage at the Queensland Maritime Museum
This funding will support the development of an interpretation plan and permanent exhibit focused on sharing unique 19th century objects connected to Queensland’s maritime history.  The objects of interest include: convict leg irons, a seaman’s chest from British sailing ship Lufra, ca. 1875, a ship’s medical chest including weights and scales, snake bite cure, splints and book titled ‘The Ship Captains Medical Guide’, ‘Help by the way’: A Daily Monitor’ a book given to Miss Maggie Tran on her emigration to Qld in 1884, Handkerchief commemorating Lord Nelson’s Death at Trafalgar 1806 – an example of historic significance and representative example of a family heirloom brought to Australia by British Immigrants and a painting of SS ‘Brisbane’ by the noted British ship portraitist Richard Ball Spencer (1812 – 1897). The new permanent display will provide an opportunity to share these unique objects, and the historical significance of each object in an interesting, attractive and informative way. 


Axel Stenross Maritime Museum $10,064

Axel Stenross Boatshed and Living Quarters—original artefact contents inventory and heritage assessment.
Following a 2016 MMAPSS grant for an assessment of Axel Stenross’ original 1940s boatshed, blacksmith shop and living quarters that are the core of the Museum, this grant is awarded for the engagement of a professional museum curator, historian or maritime archaeologist to prepare the inventory and to assess the significance of individual objects against Museums Australia criteria.

The 2016 assessment identified opportunities that may improve the presentation and interpretation of the heritage values of these buildings and their historical boat-building artefacts. The report concluded that the building is an extremely rare and important piece of Australia’s maritime history and recommended commissioning a detailed inventory of the building’s contents to identify how the current objects and their presentation relate to what was there when the boatshed ceased operation in 1980. Significantly, the inventory will provide an important archaeological record, the importance of which will increase over time.

Edithburgh Museum Inc $1,600

Shipwreck Artefacts Display
In 2018 the Edithburgh Museum DEWNR presented the Edithburgh Museum with an array of relics and artefacts from shipwrecks pertaining to their area for them to display.  Funding is awarded to employ a proficient carpenter to complete the housing of a display unit with Perspex cover enabling the artefacts to be housed in a safe, easily seen and easily protected area with appropriate labels and identification.

Historic Ketch "FALIE" Inc. $1,200

Signage for Centenary of Historic Ketch Falie 1919-2019.
Funding is awarded to produce banners to promote and help attract visitors to the open days and to give general public an opportunity to come aboard Falie and learn about her past and of its significance to the history of SA.  The launch for the centenary year will be in January 2019 to mark the construction date of the historic ketch Falie with a public open day, providing the general public of all ages a guided tour of the Falie, above and below deck and especially the display area in the museum.  There will be regular open days throughout the year and the banners will be in use throughout. 

Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association $4,000

Restoration of the Historic 'Frenchman's Rock' Site at Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island, Stage 1
Frenchman's Rock is a memorial to the historic meeting between Captain Matthew Flinders and Captain Nicolas Baudin in Encounter Bay, South Australia.  It was inscribed by a French sailor who was sent ashore from Nicholas Baudin’s ship ‘Le Geographe’ in 1803.  A dome was built over the Rock in 1906 by the SA Public Buildings Department and a stone fence was erected around a well on the site in 1936; other minor work was carried out in 1986 and 1999. The site is an important asset to Penneshaw, both as an historic site and as a cultural tourist attraction.  Situated well below road level on the foreshore of Hog Bay, Frenchman's Rock is subject to significant damage from natural run off from the road above which has been left to run through the site; water from the ‘well’ or spring in the vicinity; and exposure to coastal spray and rain.  No significant work has been done on the site since 1999 and it has degraded significantly.  The size of the project dictates that work will have to be undertaken in stages.  Funding is awarded for Stage 1; to replace badly degraded interpretive signage with marine-grade materials designed to withstand the elements. 


Friends of Tasman Island Wildcare Inc. $9,120

Tasman Island Travelling exhibition
For the design and production of an exhibition that includes pop-up banners, a walk-in lens, interactive displays and games with ‘replica-type’ objects and short film.  The exhibition will be about Tasman Island, its lighthouse history, those who are living, and who have lived, on the island including lighthouse keepers, their families and its amazing wildlife.  

The exhibition will be used in a variety of venues including a library, schools, museums, clubs, local history groups, halls and centres.  It can travel in the back of a car and a person can act as an educator or it can be a stand-alone exhibition.  

The purpose is to enable visitors and schools greater access to about information about Tasman Island and its lighthouse, retelling lighthouse keepers’ stories and sharing information about the rare and special birds, such as Lewin’s Rail, Little Penguin and Mutton birds, and other wildlife such as the rare Tasman Island cricket (Tasmanoplectron isolatum) that inhabit the island. 

Bass and Flinders Centre - In-Kind Support

In-kind support is offered for one of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Interpretation and Design team to provide advice and assistance with furthering the museums’ interpretive displays.

Friends of Tassie Too - In-Kind Support

In-kind support is offered for the Curator of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Australian Register of Historic Vessels, to travel to Hobart and help the Friends of Tassie Too organisation develop a vessel management plan for the 21-foot restricted class vessel Tassie Too. 

Internship - Tasmanian Sail Training Association

Up to $2,000 for up to 8 days at the Australian National Maritime Museum


Echuca Historical Society Inc. $946

Extension of Touring Exhibition
For six presentation display frames for an interpretative display to enhance and extend the Submerged - Stories of Australian Shipwrecks touring exhibition to include local area specific information relating to paddlesteamer shipwrecks in the Murray Darling River System.  

Golden City Paddle Steamer Museum Society $5,000

Golden City Paddle Steamer Museum presents…
In 2017 a representative of the ANMM’s Interpretation and Design team visited the museum to provide in-kind support and advice through the MMAPSS program.  The recommendations of this visit now guide this organisation to purse the following activities.  Funding is awarded to assist with; improving the museum through: signage, displays and interpretation.  Funding is also awarded for the presentation of museum materials into Chinese and to conduct an independent review evaluation to benchmark on the improvements and analyse the results. 

Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum $9,900

Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum- An Audio-Visual Interpretation.
This project will set out to record the audio visual first-hand accounts of WWII veterans that served at the Lake Boga Catalina Base during the Second World War. A range of different presentations and interactive displays will be created as a result of this project. This will ensure that the history of this unique facility and the role that it played are recorded for future generations. The recording of the stories of these veterans is vital for the capturing of this locally and nationally significant part of history. 

Internship - Port of Echuca Discovery Centre

Up to $2,000 for up to 8 days at the Australian National Maritime Museum  


Busselton Jetty Inc. $6,000

Busselton Jetty School Programs.
Busselton Jetty Inc. seeks to increase awareness of the history, community value and environmental significance of the heritage listed Busselton Jetty among school aged children. By introducing a range of new, curriculum linked resources and hands-on activities that complement and enhance the current offerings, the aim is to increase visitation to the Jetty by school groups, thus allowing the telling of the Jetty story to a greater number of young people. This project plans to inspire a new generation of Jetty advocates, encouraging them to take these messages home to their family and friends and increase the overall awareness within the community of the need to preserve and maintain this important historical landmark into the future.  Funding is awarded for aquariums to assist with the internal fit out of the SeaLab.