Say Hello to Bailey

Bailey Haggarty joined the museum in June 2016. He's a rescue dog, a Border Collie with a love of life and a fierce suspicion of seagulls, and is now three years old.

A Working Dog: Watch Out Seagulls

Bailey's main job at the museum is to chase away seagulls from our ships and wharves. If you see Bailey wearing his yellow vest and his ID tag (yes, he has his own ID tag) then he's working. So don't come up and pat him just then.

If he's not wearing his yellow vest - come up and say hello. 


Bailey, doing what he does best.



2:30pm Walks (Usually) Every Day

Bailey loves to get out and about, and has a regularly scheduled walk around the museum every day at 2:30pm. Of course, not every day is the same, and sometimes Bailey is busy or the weather is terrible.

If you're visiting the museum, check at the front desk to see if you'll bump into Bailey that afternoon.

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Bailey, hard at work on the blog.

Read Bailey's Blog

Bailey contributes to the museum in many ways. He's got his own Facebook page, and regularly updates on what he's doing with his blog. 

Read what Bailey is up to now