Fri, 13 Jan 2012

We’ve had a little bit of bad luck today at Saumarez Reef…. The wind and swell are up too high to get out on the reef face where the Woodlark and Noumea are wrecked.  It’s also raining off and on, although that really doesn’t worry us.

We spent the morning going over research notes about the area and the wrecks located here.

A few people went out on a dive around the coral heads near the Kanimbla.  They reported that much of the coral is dead, and although there are some small reef fish swimming around, it looks very barren. 

After lunch things continued much the same, a few people went for another dive and others used the time to refresh thoughts and historical details on the other wreck sites we are going to try to get to.

All in all, a quiet day recharging the batteries after our work on Frederick Reef. 

Hopefully the weather will moderate tomorrow.  Time to find the Woodlark!

Paul Hundley  (Sr. Curator and archaeologist)