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Sharkzone- summer holidays in Kids Deck

Five curls of turquoise paper, six tufts of white feathers, one grey foam fin, a coloured cut out propped upon paddlepop stocks, three dangling yellow streamers, a plastic disc, some googly eyes and one set of zig-zaged white jaws. There it is! One spectacular shark headdress crafted to perfection! It is a tuesday afternoon in Kids on Deck and the space is abuzz with children- slouched on pillows with puzzles and books, reaching across tables to grasp at watercolour pots and perched atop white wooden stools furiously colouring. Since the start of the summer program over 1000 children, from tiny tots to 12 year olds, have participated in the activity space, exploring the world of sharks and creating watercolours, rubbings, 3d puzzles, postcards and headdresses inspired by these marvellous creatures. While some children delight in the craft activities others enjoy strapping on shark and dolphin costumes, binoculars and sailors hats and playing imaginary seaside adventures. Kids on Deck is just one part of the fun activities for kids on offer every day of the summer holidays, open 10am – 4pm the themed activity space offers interactive learning, art and play for children and their families.

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