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Day 1..


Ok start from the start and lets go through this logically or knowing me it wont be chronological or make sense hehe


The day started at 4:30 for me with my sleep deprived brain jumping into hyper-mode.. After farewelling a drowsy dog and a magpie wondering why I was up at this hour I was on my way. After mum having a sickie for me on the way we arrived at the Merimbula airport for a 6:00 flight and departed while the last hungover teenagers dragged themselves from the New Year’s party on the main beach. My new years ended quiet shortly with the 4:30 rise and my dads 10:00 work shift.. This did not stop me from losing my phone and MP4 merely 6 hours before departure…


So back to matters we took off from Merimbula and pit stopped at Moruya with Ms Cozens feeling the sickness. (seems all the adults who have told me so far I’m going to be sick have been sick themselves.. and even at this point of time I have survived the two flights today and am currently on a boat speeding to our reef destination my system completely rid of travel calm : P I’m proud.) The flight we took was in a 25 seater plane and although it was bit bumpy to land and takeoff (the time period when most flight errors/plane crashes occur) we survived.. To be taken into the drag of a 5 hr wait in the terminal.. Yay ß sarcasm!!


So we wandered the terminal memorising every nook and cranny in hope of discovering something that could waste more of our time. Then Alice smartly discovered OH YES!!! Every book and puzzle I had put into my bag- that had spent all day giving me a sore back oops.. I’m very proud of myself as of finishing 2 books and starting a 3rd.. By the Karl what’s-his-name.. Founder of questicon.. Anyways, had a very interesting piece on airplane crashes 😀


After a gruelling 5 hrs we jumped aboard our jet and took off.. We watched a weird movie about cocky socialites in a war period.. : S then I slept (haha Megan- she couldn’t.. and she only had 2 hrs sleep that night.. therefore I WIN!) and arrived in cairns 3 hrs later with my joints sore in a balmy 30 degree heat yummy.. Especially when you were jeans.. Grr curse you denim.. As well we each carried a camera and a laptop and people LAPTOPS ARE NOT LIGHT!!!!


We found more mermaid project people and we got into a hire car, drove to the diving boat place thingy AND!!!! DUMPED OUR LUGGAGE!!!! YES!!!!!!!! I still carried one of my bags.. Wallet phone etc etc and we set off with dinner in sight hmm.. Dinner.. Well we emerged from a Woolworths with shampoo, razors, 2 bottles of water, a pomegranate, a pre-made salad  and some delicious cracker things.. Of which I ate most.


We then realised we had til 6:00 and went treasure hunting aka gift shopping.. Hey u got to do it.. So found something for mum and something for little brother jack (he’ll think its pretty sweet) and if need be dad can have the extremely oversized shirt/dress I got : P love you dad. OK so we got food.. Kinda and decided to find the boat.. *pouts* stupid map.. We barely found it and arrived sweaty and rather pissed off at the fact we basically went round one stupid block 5 times GRRR!!! But in the end we did find it and got on YAY! We were debriefed and introduced to all the crew.. Oh and given shirts.. I choose a big one hehe.. Yer dad I’m wearing it at the moment.. Still want it?? Haha


The boat basically has three levels.. Below deck are our small cabins of which I am sharing with Megan.. It was so funny.. We have already managed 2 freak out on of the crew members.. We ate our dinner in our cabin and part of the salad was comprised of parmesan cheese hehe one guy walked in to just generally talk to us and left wondering why 2 16 yr olds were sitting in a room smelling of cheese with one of them completely absorbed in consuming a pomegranate : P


Ok back to the boat- the main deck is like a living room/kitchen/dining area.. WITH GINORMOUS FLAT SCREEN TVS!!!!!!!!! Yew! Haha and upstairs is a viewing deck- I got a very blurry dark video of us leaving cairns.. Stupid camera!


Tomorrow we start at 6:00 well breakfast at 7 but I like a bit of time to myself in the morning and I think I might get some pics of a sunrise?? Could be good! Anyways till tomorrow night then ay?