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Alice and me in the airport

Alice and me in the airportDay 1 Hey this is Megan and I am presently on the Spoilsport (the boat Alice and I will be on for the next week) and we are pulling out of the harbour at Cairns. This morning I got up at twenty past five to get on a plane from Merimbula to Sydney. We arrived at the Sydney domestic airport at about eight-thirty. We then spent the next five hours in the terminal waiting for our next flight that would take us to Cairns. We left at one-thirty and arrived at three-thirty Eastern Standard Time. As we arrived we were met by some of the crew members and then once we had our luggage we moved to the land headquarters. Yay we were finally in Cairns after a very long day. J But we still had to wait another two hours before we could board the boat. We went shopping again as there was nothing much else to do just like in the airport. While following the map we were given we got lost but luckily we had a heap of time before we were supposed to meet everyone at six…. Lol. After a lot of unnecessary walking on our battered feet (I was stupid enough to wear new shoes) we found our boat. It was sheer relief as it was humid and hot and both Alice and I were wearing jeans as it is a lot colder down the coast!!!!!!! Back of the boat


The boat is awesome.. The crew are really nice and extremely helpful (thanks Alex). It is amazing to be actually on a moving boat as it pulls away from the harbour in the dark. Alice and I sat on the top deck in the rain (it wasn’t very heavy but it sounds dramatic…. Lol) and enjoyed the refreshing breeze after the heat that seemed to cling to the air.

 Alice and I are sharing a very small cabin but that can’t dampen the exhilaration felt by the whole crew which adds to our excitement as it was unexpected for everyone to be so positive and enthusiastic. I’m extremely impressed and can’t wait to start our exploration tomorrow. J

I’m extremely tired as I only got about 2 hours sleep last night and unlike Alice I didn’t sleep on the plane so Happy New Year 2009.

 Oh and Bridget by the way the carpet is an aqua colour. Lol J