Tiny Tots Sea of Light

A fun and interactive learning program especially designed for toddlers.

Summer Holidays Fun - Sea of Light

Mondays and Fridays from 10 - 28 January 2020

A dedicated morning session of Sea of Light, this experience has been specially modified for very young children 0-3 yrs and their parents and carers. 

Sea of Light brings together magic and light with a gentle soundscape to create a unique sea adventure for the whole family.

Traverse the sand with a UV torch as your paintbrush, to paint and stencil your own voyage in light. Steer ships that leave glowing paths of light in their wake as you sail them across the sea floor. Then dive below the surface to uncover glowing inflatables in hidden reef worlds.

Ages: 0 - 3 years
Bookings essential 

 Photo by Matt Byrne


Sea of Light


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Stroller tours - sensory play space. Image: Kate Pentecost | ANMM


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