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Sea Monsters 3D - A Prehistoric Adventure

From National Geographic.

Eighty million years ago, the American Midwest lay under a great inland sea where colossal creatures ruled the waves. From giraffe-necked Styxosaurus and sea birds with teeth to the T-Rex of the ocean — the 40-foot super-predator Tylosaurus — these wondrous beasts defy imagination. In a remarkable journey, National Geographic immerses audiences in this unexplored world of the “other dinosaurs,” delivering the fascinating science behind what we know and a vision of history’s grandest ocean creatures brought to life in spectacular 3D.

Running Time: 20 mins | Daily: 11am and 1pm. Please see notice above for any session changes.
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Oceans: Our Blue Planet 3D

Oceans: Our Blue Planet takes us on a global odyssey to discover the largest and least explored habitat on earth. New ocean science and technology has allowed us to go further into the unknown than we ever thought possible. From the coastal shallows to deeper, more mysterious worlds, we reveal the untold stories of the oceans' most astonishing creatures.

Marvel as dolphins leap for joy through the waves and delight in coral reefs, where we meet fascinating characters like the ingenious tusk fish that uses a tool to open its food. In the great forests of the sea, discover a cunning octopus who shields herself in an armour of shells to hide from predators.

Oceans: Our Blue Planet is created by BBC Earth and OceanX Media, and narrated by Oscar-winning actor Kate Winslet.

Running Time: 20 mins | Daily: 3pm. Please see notice above for any session changes.
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