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Stephen Gapps

Dr Stephen Gapps is the museum's Senior Curator, Voyaging and Early Colonial Maritime History.

21 Jul 2016

Of ships, stones and graves

11 Jun 2016

Ghost Ships and a travelling man: Amazing wrecks in the Baltic Sea

03 Jun 2016

A single-object museum? The Vasa shipwreck

28 May 2016

The walking dead – bringing 1500 year-old graves to life

24 May 2016

From Birka to Bjorn Ironside - Working with Viking Age archaeology

12 May 2016

What did you do for International Viking Day?

29 Apr 2016

Maritime archaeology at the Viking Age site of Birka

21 Mar 2016

Captain Cook, whisky and smallpox

18 Mar 2016

War at Sea exhibition travels to Fremantle