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Stephen Gapps

Dr Stephen Gapps is the museum's Senior Curator, Voyaging and Early Colonial Maritime History.


20 Jul 2017

Travelling the Maritime Silk Road in Ningbo, China
Lustre: Pearling and Australia traces the fascinating heritage of pearling across the north of Australia, from Shark Bay to the Torres Strait Islands.

18 Jul 2017

Lustre - A history of pearls, shells and people
Last Pirate

31 May 2017

The Last Pirate

24 Feb 2017

Maritime history links between Australia and Indonesia

26 Jan 2017

January 26: One day, many meanings

11 Jan 2017

An Australian Stonehenge?

14 Dec 2016

Redfern to Hobart: Tribal Warrior crew to make history

02 Nov 2016

'Freedom or Death!' in Bali

29 Sep 2016

The Seafarers Memorial Anchors