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Helen Anu

Helen Anu is a Koey-Buway, Samu Augud (Cassowary) and Sui-Baidham (Black-winged Stilt and Shark) Clan Woman of the Zei Gub (South West Winds) from the Top Western cluster of the Torres Strait Islands. Helen has worked as a cultural practitioner in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts, Culture and Media Sector for 25 years, and currently works in Indigenous Programs at the Australian National Maritime Museum. She assists with the delivery of Indigenous-specific projects, cultural outreach, engagement and exhibitions, including highlighting the narrative of new and existing works held within the museum’s Indigenous collections, and supporting the transmission of traditional and contemporary Saltwater and Freshwater stories.

Smoking ceremony

23 Aug 2019

Flag Raising Ceremony: 25th Anniversary of Commonwealth recognition
© Rosemary Gamajun Mamuniny/Copyright Agency, 2018. Woven skirt from Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island).

13 Jul 2018

Fibre art and fashion

14 Feb 2018

Spirit figures from Arnhem Land