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A visit to the museum. For many people this idea conjures visions of gloomy dark spaces with mysterious objects cordoned off from human hands in glass cabinets, standing under the watchful gaze of security personnel. The modern museum and the Maritime in particular seeks to overturn this convention, offering interactive exhibits that invite hands on learning. This summer in Planet Shark the touch trolley invites audiences to pick up and pass around shark artefacts for a sensory and close-up discovery session.

Teeth, skin, fin, hooks and more are displayed and shared around by the trolley guide (along with the stories behind them) drawing in small crowds of families, couples and groups. If you’ve ever wanted to run your fingertips over a set of shark teeth or a slimy Port Jackson shark’s egg, here is your chance, the touch trolley is in Planet Shark every day during summer holidays between 10.30- 11.30am and 2.30 – 3.30pm.